Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ninakupenda Baba! (I Love you Father)

Habari everyone!! We appretiate you taking the time to check out how we're doing here in Kenya. Everything has been going wonderfully! We each have struggles and hard days, but I know the team and myself have been so blessed by everything that God is teaching us and by everything we've been taught while we've been here in Kenya. I'm sure everyone has been telling you about all the amazing things we've been able to experience here in Kenya, so I'll try not to repeat them.

So my job is to cover Sunday's. I am so happy that this day fell to me. This last Sunday was quite a learning experience for most of us. We've been learning how to be very flexible since coming to Kenya. Sunday was a day that our flexibility was forced to be put into practice. We worshiped at the Nairobi Central Corps, which is the largest corps in  this territory along with being the largest in the world. Sheri was in charge of leading the service and Nate was preaching. When we arrived, we were all excited to see USA Mission Team on the sign in front telling the congregation that we were doing the service that day. Everyone is Kenya is very hospitable and we drink a lot of tea wherever we go. That morning was no different; we had breakfast at the corps officers home - boiled eggs, sausage and sandwiches. When we finished, it was time for the morning service. It was very interesting. :D Nate joined the brass band and played the cornet and the rest of us sat up on the stage with Captain Jen, the ATYS, and some other officers. The music was beautiful and the service was so very different from anything that we had experienced in the USA. The praise band lead us in praise songs in swahili and each song book song was sung in both English and Swahili by the audience. Their timbrel brigade presented a song which was so different than what we're used to. They sang and played at the same time. Ashley gave her testimony and the team presented an item - the song "How Deep the Father's Love." Nate's sermon was awesome (and so now we secretly refer to him as our resident preacher :). He talked about running the good race and even brought in a few examples of Kenyan culture that I hadn't been aware of. So we all had an awesome experience on Sunday.
There was another service in the afternoon, but unfortunately I was unable to attend. Health issues have been affecting our team the past few days and that Sunday was no different for myself.  But we have amazing people around to support us. The Lt. Colonols Howards have been such a blessing to have around. Along with taking me and Ashley to go get medicine and take us back to the compound, they have been so kind as to let the team use their skype to phone family, and their internet for countless hours as we get back in touch with our loved ones. We each thank God for their encouragement and support.
I was very encouraged when the rest of the team came back to our little "home" in Kabete - they were singing and praising God, which was quite an encouragement to Ashley and I. It's hard to have to miss things, especially when we're here specifically for this reason - to serve God and do what is needed to be done. I know its been hard for many of us to have to miss out on different things. But we know God is helping us through and is here for us and is taking care of us. We pray that you would continue praying for our health.
So last Sunday was Father's Day, and as I previously said, the Howards were very good to us in letting us call our fathers. I'm pretty sure all of our team got to talk to their dad's, or at least a member of their family. It was such a blessing, since I know everyone has been dealing with homesickness and a bit of culture shock. I got to talk to my father, mother and brother all at once which was such a booster for me. Its really hard not being able to talk to family whenever we feel like it.
So thank you for your support and your continued prayers. We have been blessed by this opportunity and we pray that God would use us in remarkable ways.

Love and prayers,


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  1. I Love You too. Can't wait to see everyone in August. Rachael we'll soon be eating Lobster again @ OOB. Be Safe. Love Dad.