Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greetings from Kenya! After a week of orientation at Star Lake Camp in New Jersey, our team made the 20 hour journey to our first destination- Nairobi, Kenya.  Orientation provided a time for the team members to meet, plan Bible studies, and prepare dramas, dances, and timbril selections.  This time allowed us to prepare not only for the cultural differences that we would encounter, but also gave us the opportunity to pray for one another as well as for our brothers and sisters that we would encounter in Kenya.  We feel so honored and humbled that God would choose us to come along side the Kenyan poeple and help further the ministry that has already been in action throughout this country.
    It has only been a short time that we have spent in this country, yet we feel so blessed to be here and in the company of such strong believers in the faith.  Our first day was designated as a day of rest and we were so grateful for this after our long journey.  In the morning we were taken to a local shopping center and were able to experience a more modernized area.  Yet as we have traveled throughout the week, we have only just begun to witness the unfortunate circumstances all around that remind us of the great need to share God's love here.  In the afternoon, we explored the Kabete Salvation Army compund where we are staying.  The compund is comprised of many different buildings and areas including a nursey school, corps, children's home, and lodging for the social services director and many officers.  At the compound, we girls stay in our own little house, complete with a quaint living room and kitchen area.  We feeel so fortunate.  The boys stay in a separate area of the compound nearby.  Daily routines are forming as time goes by such as cooking our meals together and eating around the "family" kitchen table (we often make scrambled eggs!).  Our bonds continue to grow stronger and stronger as we are learn to live in community together.
    We continue to see new things each day as we live in this country.  Some thing that we have noticed is that Kenya is very colorful! Vibrant colors can be seen any where- including on street side markets and colorful public transportation vehicles.  Side note- white people in Swahili are called "muzungus."  Also, Kenya is 7 hours ahead of the US time-wise; we are slowly adjusting.  We often hear strange birds and dog noises at night which make us laugh.
    Please continue to keep us in your prayers (including our friends on the Italy team) as we truly yearn to give our ALL to Christ.  Let your prayers be that we would not hold back, but be bold.  Please stay tuned as we have all decided to take turns posting on the blog.  Yesterday, we led our first program at the Nairobi Girls Centre, but you will hear about that soon from one of the team members!
    Love to all! We miss you and think about you often.  Sometimes we have to literally remind ourselves that we are in AFRICA- how in the world did we get so blessed? We are so grateful.

In Him,


  1. Keep posting! Soo excited for how God is using you and will continue to do so! love you all! Praying for you EVERYDAY! Praying for BOLDNESS!!!



  2. Ashley, Sam and Kenya Team,

    It is wonderful reading of your adventures in Kenya! You are right -- God is so good! I get chills just seeing your pictures and hearing your stories! I can't wait to read more! We love you and are praying for you!

    In Him,


  3. yay! it so great to be reading along and catching up with what you all are doing. to think that mom said i was the one who'd end up in africa... nope, it was sam! lol :) be well. be blessed. pour out. and be filled.
    -Jenn Coffill