Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maisha Nzuri ("The Good Life")

Habari! (hello!) We've been learning alot of Swahili latley especially from our new friend Martin. Martin has been a huge blessing to us driving us, making sure we were safe and teaching us about Kenya. He is one of the many kind and loving people we have been so blessed to meet here. Its still is amazes me that were here, but we try to remind ourselves of how great this is so that we wont have any regrets.

 Well today we had an amazing visit to the Nairobi girls center. On our way there we were able to see a glimpse of the vibrant life in Kenya. The streets are truly alive here, filled with people! The nature is beautiful as well! My eyes are always glued out the window as we drive by everything. We drove past street markets with fresh fruits and vegetables, hand made furniture, jewlery and clothing. We also saw some goats and chickens just  walking around.  In the midst of these busy streets was the girls center. We were warmly welcomed and told about the center. Girls starting at age fourteen come here for different reasons and can learn different trades for two years, and when they graduate they have the skills needed to help them find work. They fed us a huge meal before we did our service with the girls,but before we ate we had to wash our hands. I mention this because hand washing is truly a humbling experience here. Whenever you are about to eat a meal in a kenyan home the host will wash your hands. Well they give you soap and pour water over your hands. We have experienced so much kindness and thanks that we dont even deserve! This process reminds me of when jesus washes his disciples feet, and is really humbling.

Well after we stuffed ourselves we went on to the girls center. We were able to talk to the girls about their hopes and dreams, and these girls had dream big. They were full of life and we were so blessed just by being with them. The more we talked to them the more we realized that they weren't much differnt from us. I especially felt excited to talk to them because we often see white missionaries going to Africa ( which is amazing!) , but I just wanted them to know that spreading the message of Gods love is everyones job, even theirs.

Alot of us expected to come here and witness the harsh realities people live in, and have our hearts broken. Strangely and surprisingly to me i didn't find that. It is true that some of the living conditions here in Kenya are terrible and unsafe, but what im realizing is that life here is not harsh like I thought it was. Its just different. I guess being in america we get our own opinions of what the " good life" is, and if others dont have what we have they must not be living the good life. Looking at the people here in kenya I would say that they are definatley are living a different life, but its still a good life.

- Danielle Diakanwa

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