Thursday, July 1, 2010

"MUMO" - Grace :)

Hi Everyone!

We continue to be surrounded by people who love the Lord and have given their lives to serve Him - how inspiring it is...  I am grateful that we have been able to visit various towns and cities throughout Kenya- each place holding its own unique beauty.  The team continues to hold up well as we are experiencing all of these new places and faces :)

We have been grateful for the days of rest that have been dispersed throughout our time here.  The past two Mondays we have been able to walk the streets of Kenya to a place that sells American food- a little taste of home.  This past Monday, we also walked to the nearby market right down the street from the Kabete compound and were able to purchase mangos and bananas!  We purchased 12 bananas for 40 shillings (it is about 76 shillings to the American dollar).  The team has also enjoyed cooking dinners together and we have been able to try out original recipes (Sam and Nate have become masters at making homemade syrup and cheesy scallop potatoes!)  Needless to say, we are enjoying developing these skills and may even impress some of you upon our return.  Right now, we are anxiously awaiting the "chipate" cooking lesson that has been promised to us by the TYS (Territorial Youth Secretary) and ATYS (Assistant-TYS) that have been accompanying us throughout our stay here. Chipate is a traditional Kenyan food resembling what might look like a fajita to most of us. The children on the compound are also a joy to watch! They love to play futbol (soccer)- dressed in their school uniforms and all! Some of my team members have enjoyed playing this famous sport with them  :)

We are being challenged in new ways and are grateful for the opportunity to be here in Africa.  I ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers.  Today we visited the largest slum in all of Africa called Kibera- over 1 million people living in an area of 3 square miles (you will be hearing more about our time there from one of my team members soon).  The children's smiles were full of hope and beauty- what a lesson of childlike faith I am challenged by as I witness their joy despite the unfortunate circumstances that they are facing.  We are constantly witnessed to through the lives that the people of Kenya live... what selfless people... how humbling it is for us to beautiful.

Blessings to all!
We love you,

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